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There were so many preparations for precision machining.

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2018/08/02 09:33
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  For the precision machining process, the process is very strict and requires a very high standard. If all the links in the process are not confirmed and examined before processing, it will bring unimaginable troubles to the process. And Shili and in order to achieve higher service quality and perfect customer experience, need to make the following preparations.

  (1) when the business Commissioner receives the PO order from the customer, he will notify the customer promptly that he has received the corresponding order and printed it.

  (2) The Operational Commissioner will check whether the information of PO drawings is consistent with the information of processing drawings (including name, quantity, production items, packing instructions, etc.). If incomplete or inconsistent information appears, the Operational Department will contact the project in time.

  In order to ensure the confidentiality and safety of customer information, all the printed orders and drawings will be processed in the form of coding and arranged side by side, sorted and sealed for production.

  (4) The Ombudsman shall submit the completed information to the engineering management personnel for examination and confirmation, and then transfer it to the production department.

  The production department writes the technological process according to the drawing, and prepares the necessary auxiliary tools and equipment.

  _Purchasing Commissioner purchases raw materials according to the process flow and transfers them to the production department for testing to confirm the processing items before proceeding.

  _In order to ensure the integrity and rigor of precision machining procedures and improve production efficiency, all process equipment before machining is not allowed to change or disassemble at will, the tools are placed in a designated position. And check whether the operation of the machine is normal, and whether there is any hidden danger in production and processing. After these processes are confirmed normal, the corresponding workpiece production is carried out.

  Because of the strict and punctual service standards of Shili and precise machining for more than ten years, the main products processed are mostly products from Japan, Europe, America, Hong Kong and Taiwan markets. Therefore, the requirements for equipment and processing accuracy are extremely high. Accompanied by this, the foreign trade translation ability of the business Commissioner and the drawing ability of the engineers and technicians are highly demanded. And the technical ability of the processing technician is constantly improving.




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